I really like this ..and I’m kind of proud of it too because this is a client of mine, who is definitely moving onto big things, all built on this method we devised. So this is someone who was making a few thousand a month in the self-help niche and whose major interest is in […]

You ever noticed that some of the best online marketers don’t actually study online methods? They study offline ‘traditional’ methods. So anyway, this guy I know –  earns multiple seven figures a year from his online business. His customers think he’s great and his products sell like crazy His secret? He studies traditional methods of selling. […]

There are two reasons that most newbie marketers never try this: Because they think it’s somehow unethical (it isn’t) Because they’re scared. (It’s not scary, it’s easy and exhilarating I’ve done this myself and have earned literally hundreds of thousands of dollars from it with very little initial work I’ve mentioned it before although perhaps not […]

Is Pareto’s Law putting your business in danger? You’ve probably heard of Pareto’s law. It states that around 20% of the work you do produces 80% of the results. So, for example, you may find in your business that 20% of the things you do bring in 80% of the money. In the past, there’s been […]