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AMD Web Agency is a Web-based Digital marketing Agency providing Web-based marketing solutions to companies to better showcase their products or grow their brands. Employing top-notch know-how in creativity, marketing and emerging technology, AMD Web Agency, promises to execute service tasks to the delight of our clients brochures at delivering increased bottom line.

Smart companies are those that adopt viable options, while adapting to new trends in the business environment. The emergence of the digital media is yet another catalyst to this change, necessitating a shift from the conventional marketing paradigm to the vast digital sphere which provides real-time, cost-effective marketing services covering targeted clients scattered across the globe.

AMD Wed Agency, in recognizing the peculiarity of each business case, delivers to its client brand-focused solutions to redirect their marketing efforts and leverage on the immense opportunities that the World Wide Web presents to businesses that are ready to reap the dividends.

The market situation with its attendant strategies as traditionally known to businesses has returned diminishing results progressively as compared to the employment of the internet to roll out specific categories of web-based brand focused marketing campaign. At AMD Web Agency, we take your instructions and deliver Services from web design, through marketing, to optimization.

Web Design

Businesses must own a place on the World Wide Web as they would an office or a shop in a typical traditional marketing situation. Modern businesses have signed on to Web services companies to undertake web design for them but have failed to realize the gains that accrue to businesses with web presence. At AMD Web-Services, we draw on the lessons why websites have failed to achieve their objectives by carefully planning the project, designing and developing responsive websites that will ultimately lead to conversion, while ensuring their compatibility to all devices.

We also undertake custom web design and Web restyling.


All businesses are established to satisfy a certain need of a target market not only efficiently, but profitably. This is done after a market research has identified and understood the customer’s need to be able to deliver the satisfaction in an efficient, cost effective and profitable manner. These activities occur in a market situation. Thus marketing is a whole chain of integrated activities-from conception of a product or service, to the delivery to the final consumer.

At AMD Web Agency, we believe that these marketing activities must be a game-changer for our clients. That Belief is what we translate into tangible deliverables in increased sales and profit. As an online marketing agency, we transfer all that businesses do in their traditional marketing engagements to the web to ensure they take the fullest advantage available. Commission AMD Web Agency, your preferred online marketing agency, to manage your online marketing function, and produces valuable and remarkable results. To fulfill the marketing objectives of businesses, our team of professionals will devote attention to web marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, marketing research, online business and business strategies.

Get started! Make a Move! Penetrate the Market! Reach Your targets! Increase your sales and gains!

Web Marketing

Extend your tentacles. Web marketing will help you rope in and connect with scattered customers and clients across the world. Do your online marketing through online banners and ads, and reduce overhead costs for advertising in newspapers, on television and on billboards. Web marketing entails e-commerce, content marketing, e-mail marketing working in concert to produce results. Web Marketing has a mechanism of tracking the success rate of your website even as you profile your customers enabling satisfaction of their peculiar needs.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing isn’t just the future, it is the present! Content drives all the parts of a business marketing strategy. Deriving shared meaning in making your customers value your product or service is key to marketing. We believe in producing content that will make the customer more intelligent which will eventually bring in loyalty. Give your business a shot in the arm! Make AMD Web Agency produces for your business content that is valuable, relevant and consistent to attract the attention of the customers, arouse their interest, make them feel the desire, leave them convinced and drive them to take a profitable customer action.

Online Business

Why do business for only some few hours when you can enjoy a 24-hour business cycle? For businesses with online presence, there is nothing like opening and closing hours. You transact business around the clock! Take advantage of this all-important marketing platform. Business thrives on credibility and online businesses cash in on customer reviews which create positive impressions and build their brands leading to customer retention and loyalty.

Diversify Your business dealings! Reach, interact and close deals online. It is that simple to do. AMD Web Services approaches its online business assignments with means of E-commerce, E-mail marketing etc, to provide you with the technical and professional services that will convert your viewers and followers into purchasers.

Marketing Research

Do you want to identify potential areas of growth? Tap into the gold mine of information through online marketing research. Make Your marketing research more simplified and convenient for your audience. Just instruct AMD Web-Services. We will apply online research tools to gather relevant data and produces results that will guide trend analysis and inform subsequent strategy and your business is on its way to boom!

Digital Advertising

Take the veil off your products or service by showing to the world what good thing you have to offer. Advertising takes your businesses to the world. As unique businesses are, so are their needs, and that goes for the potential customers and clients.

At AMD Web Agency, we woo customers to buy rather than sell to them. We will work out to make your brand a top-of-Mind (Tom). Choose Online advertising like email marketing, web banner ads, per click to achieve customer action.

Online advertising is low on cost and allows for measurement of the effectiveness of the adverts.

Aside being able to be interactive, the digital platform allows for images, videos, audios and links to accompany the adverts. Advertising messages can also be produced to cater for a particular demo-geographic segment of the market.

Brand Positioning

Do you have any idea where your business stands in relation to your competitors? Where does your business belong in the mind of the customer? These are interesting questions every business must be able to answer with all certainty. Point is, whether you work to position your brand or not, the market, through the customer, will position it.

With customers spoiled for choice in a virtually saturated and less-differentiated market, the need to position your brand and achieve differentiation is the forte of AMD Web Services. Our team will work to create a distinctive identity for your brand in the eyes and minds of your customers in a competitive market place.

Business Strategy

The efficient deployment of human resources, brand value, customers and even goodwill of the business to is a function of a sound business strategy. Realistic planning is critical to knowing the future of your business. To survive the turbulent business environment, it is important to forecast industry trends so you are not in for any surprises.

At AMD Web Agency, we look beyond the now to define a robust business strategy that will facilitate the synergization of all sections of the business, and redirect the focus to meeting organizational goals. We will identify and implement the tactics necessary to leverage the strength of the business, while reducing the impact of its weaknesses to ward off competition. Give your business a sustainable life; Be strategic in your thinking!