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Obviously there are more than just three reasons why some people never quite crack it online of course… ..luck, motivation, background, even family support all play a part But from the experience of working with numerous clients and customers I can safely say that following are three of the main reasons that can cause normal, […]

An oft-quoted adage in the marketing world states that a prospect usually needs about seven exposures to an offer before deciding whether or not to take action. It’s well worth heeding, but it also raises the issue of how you entice a prospect to actually take note of your offer seven times.   We’re huge […]

E-commerce entrepreneurs spend so much of their time and effort in pursuit of potential customers. Rightfully so, but the quest quite obviously can’t stop there. Driving traffic is only part of the process. The goal is to earn sales from it. One of the most common pratfalls for those who are just beginning to pursue […]

The commodity that’s just possibly China’s most popular export du jour continues to sail right through global borders with very few giving it a second thought. And why not? The Tik Tok app is all about fun in 15-second bursts. This means fun for ByteDance, too, which is the company that created and owns it. […]

One of the best ways to confirm your authority in your chosen niche is to write about it. The challenge is getting your target market to actually read it. Here’s the good news: Because we’re all marketers and not journalists or novelists, we don’t necessarily need to have any classic training to be successful in […]

WHAT IS FORM ABANDONMENT ? FORM ABANDONMENT ADDON: If you are familiar with Cart Abandonment then you can understand Form Abandonment. There is such a thing as people starting filling up a form and then leaving, and it could be happening more then one could actually think. As a professional website owner or marketer one […]

There’s a reason oysters don’t rule the world. Their lot in life is to sit in one spot with their sustenance dependent on whatever they can catch that flows past them. Worse, the one item they produce that others consider having value doesn’t benefit them at all. And frankly, oysters don’t grow larger if more […]

Shopping is a year-round activity, of course, but during holiday season, it’s done at an industrial strength level. That sort of high volume means there’s ample opportunity to have items and/or tasks fall between the cracks. Like monitoring our spending.   This means it’s advisable to be more diligent as to who’s monitoring us. There’s […]

What is drop shipping??????? Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. Click below to watch a short […]